Yield Curve

Animated Yield Curve Interactive Chart

This chart provides the 2020 US Treasury yield curve on a daily basis. It is updated periodically. The yield curve line turns red when the 10-year Treasury yield drops below the 1-year Treasury yield, otherwise known as an inverted yield curve.

The 2019 yield curve chart is archived and available at Daily Treasury Yield Curve Animated Over 2019.

10-Year Treasury Minus 2-Year Treasury Yield

10-Year Treasury Minus 3-Month Treasury Yield

Shading indicates U.S. recessions; the most recent one is ongoing.

This graph is updated daily. When the difference between the long-term and short-term yields drop below zero, the yield curve is inverted. This is an indicator of a potential future recession.

See my Daily Treasury Yield Curve Animated Over 2019 post for more information on how to interpret the yield curve.