Weekend Reading at Value Investing News – Rising Edition

Here are the top stories this week on Value Investing News:

  1. Buy ‘Em Back at Western Sizzlin’
  2. Transcript: Warren Buffett’s Power Lunch Interview on “Exploding” Inflation
  3. Value Investing: From Graham to Buffett and Beyond
  4. Investor Book Club #1Investor Book Club #1
  5. Morningstar Investment Conference – 3
  6. Morningstar Investment Conference – 2
  7. Morningstar Investment Conference – 1
  8. Mohnish Pabrai on Bloomberg – Getting Ready for Lunch with Buffett
  9. Third Avenue Funds Second Quarter 2008 Shareholders Letter
  10. Zhao Danyang Wins Lunch with Warren Buffett

I just added a new feature to Value Investing News based on a suggestion by Tariq Ali at Street Capitalist. He suggested I add a “rising” stories listing in addition to the new stories page.  This sounded like a great idea to me.

The new Rising Story Links page will help members filter out lower quality new stories in the queue by only showing articles submitted within the past two days that have a total rating greater than one. Hopefully this will encourage more voting on the site in addition to the monthly contest prizes. I’m open to any other ideas you might have to increase the amount of voting at Value Investing News.

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