Top Value Investing News – Beach Edition

I’ve been at Rehoboth Beach for the past week and the weather has been great. Given the great weather, I’ve spent most of my time at the beach and pool, so I’m a bit behind on my reading. Thankfully, the members of Value Investing News have done a great job gathering links to good financial stories. Here are the top stories of the week:

  1. Value Investing Works, and That Won’t Change
  2. Six Questions with CoC’s Jeff Annello
  3. Dissecting Western Sizzlin’ Corporation
  4. The Four Filters Invention of Warren Buffett and Charlie Munger by Bud Labitan
  5. Heads Roll at Lehman Brothers
  6. How To Find Great Buffett Businesses
  7. Busch Tapping Buffett?
  8. Troubled Waters
  9. CSX / TCI Court Documnents and Thoughts on “Disclosure”
  10. The Primus Guaranty (PRS) Stock Report

It looks like I have some great reading to do this weekend. I only wish I could still be at the beach while doing it.

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