10Q Detective vs Yahoo

I don’t like to see fellow financial bloggers stiffled by mainstream media. So when I heard that Yahoo (YHOO) sent the 10Q Detective an email indicating that he “may” have violated their terms of service, I felt that I should share this disturbing news with my readers. 

Apparently, the 10Q Detective has been shedding some light on Raser Technologies (RZ). Some of the company’s shareholders are upset with the information David Philips has been posting on the Yahoo message board for that company. Regardless, I sure what David posted on the message board was not as bad the other 99% of the garbage that is posted on Yahoo Finance’s message boards. The real problem is likely the fact that the truth hurts.

The best thing to do in these type of situations is shed light on the problem. I encourage fellow financial bloggers to help me in shedding light on this issue by linking the the David Phillips’ post on Rabid Raser Tech Bulls Push Yahoo to Ban 10Q Detective. You never know when you might also be the target of a similar effort to silence your own analysis, so help David out with this attempt to silence him.

Disclosure: David Philips did not contact me or request my support with his issue with Yahoo.

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