Top Value Investing News This Week

Value Investing News was busy this week, probably due to all the market volatility. Here are the highest rated news links selected by our members this week:

  1. Value and Growth Investing: Review and Update
  2. Buying King Pharmaceuticals
  3. Value Strategies Reward Patience
  4. Simply Summing up Sears: A Lesson in Intelligent Investing
  5. CoC Battles an Insurgent Columnist
  6. Cola Wars – Coca Cola versus Pepsi
  7. Magic Formula Business Sector #1: Business Services
  8. Jean-Marie Eveillard on WealthTrack
  9. Dow Industrials; Housing; Oil; and Credit Cards
  10. Munger’s Gift

Once again, Value Investing News produced an amazing list of articles. Interestingly, no major media sources appeared on this week’s list of top stories. I think this reflects how important alternative sources of information on the web are now.

We are running a new contest at Value Investing News for the month of June. We are giving away three copies to A Modern Approach to Graham & Dodd Investing. I’m sure many of you will be interested in this book. Be sure to register at Value Investing News and start posting story links, comments, and forum posts to earn member points. The top two point earners will win a copy of the book and the third book will go to a randomly selected active member.

I also posted my review of The Four Filters in the Value Investing News Forum. The Four Filters was last month’s prize at Value Investing News. Feel free to add your own reviews of this book or any other interesting book in our forum. It’s a great way to pass the time while trying to stay cool during this scorcher of a weekend.

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