Top Value Investing News This Week

Here are the top Value Investing News stories this week:

  1. Magic Formula Weekly Roundup: 5/18 – 5/24
  2. American Express Analysis
  3. The Next Buffetts? Maybe. Also, 3 Simple Rules from a Canadian Investor
  4. The Next Buffetts
  5. Seth Klarman Buys Borders
  6. Jaclyn, A Profitable Going Private Transaction

Tomorrow, I will announce the top story of the month at Value Investing News. Be sure to get your votes in by the end of the day. Also, if you haven’t registered at Value Investing News yet, be sure to do so right now to qualify for our current contest. At the end of the day tomorrow, we will announce the winners of the May Contest at Value Investing News. We are giving away three copies of The Four Filters: Invention of Warren Buffett & Charlie Munger.

In other news, I want to mention that several additional blogs added the Value Investing News Button to their sites this week. The newest additions include Vitaliy’s Contrarian Edge, Circle of Competence, and Finance Puzzle. They join Value Plays, MagicDiligence, and Contrarian Value Investing in displaying the handy VIN Button. Be sure to thank these bloggers with a comment or email for adding the convenient VIN Button on their sites. Encourage your other favorites sites to also add the VIN Button to their articles as well so you can easily bookmark and vote on their stories.

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