Festival of Stocks at Value Investing, and a Few Cigar Butts

The 84th edition of the Festival of Stocksis up at Mike Price’s blog, Value Investing, and a Few Cigar Butts. This week’s edition includes a link to my post on the first quarter results of the Special Situations Real Money Portfolio. I also recommend you check out James Cullen’s analysis of Wal-Mart (WMT) and Mike Price’s look at Best Buy’s (BBY) management.

Next week’s Festival of Stocks will be hosted at Can I Get Rich On a Salary. You can submit blog posts for consideration for next week’s Festival of Stocks buy using this carnival submission form. Be sure to check out the Festival of Stocks submission guidelines to determine if your article qualifies. Finally, if you are interested in hosting an upcoming edition, check the Festival of Stocks schedule, and then contact me with the date you would like to host.

One thought on “Festival of Stocks at Value Investing, and a Few Cigar Butts

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