Value Investing News Update

First, here are the top stories this week at Value Investing News:

  1. Official SEC XML Feeds
  2. CS21 Net/Net Index Week in Review: Into Positive Territory
  3. Premier Exhibitions (PRXI): Value not Without Controversy
  4. Forum on Emerging Issues & Trends in Real Estate – University of Missouri
  5. Fooled by a Percentage Into Catching Falling Knife!
  6. Peter Lynch Interview
  7. Little Books For Big Profits
  8. US recession will not hinder those emerging market stocks
  9. Multiple Disciplines
  10. Small Cap Stock Ideas

The members of Value Investing News agreed with me that the availability of XML feeds on SEC EDGAR was one of the major developments this week. I was so excited by this new feature that I figured out a way to link this information to the stock pages at Value Investing News.

I am pleased to announce that you can now review the latest SEC filings for any stock discussed at Value Investing News. Just click on any stock ticker link on the site and at the top of the right column you’ll get an up to date list of links to the latest financial filings by that company. You can see this feature in action by visiting one of the following ticker links: MSFT, SHLD, or USG. The only issue I’ve run into so far is for Berkshire Hathaway. I can’t seem to figure out what stock symbol the SEC uses for this company.

Finally, be sure to be active at Value Investing News this month. We are giving away three copies of the new Pat Dorsey book The Little Book That Builds Wealth thanks to John Wiley & Sons. They are sponsoring our April Member’s Contest. All you have to do is register with Value Investing News and then post value investing story links, vote on stories, leave comments, or participate in the forum to earn user points. The top point earners will be rewarded with a copy of The Little Book That Builds Wealth. I just finished the book myself, and I highly recommend it.

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