Premier Hits the Strip

Premier Exhibitions (PRXI) announced yesterday that they signed a 10 year agreement with the Luxor Resort & Casino. The agreement includes the construction of an exhibition complex that will include the Titanic and Bodies… The Exhibition features. This sounds like a very promising development. A longer term exhibit like this will likely have higher returns, since there won’t be the cost of packing up the exhibits and moving them to new locations every few months. Be sure to check out starburst by Daisyslots for new casino games that is ready to play no more hassle steps in registration.

The associated new Titanic exhibit sounds really interesting. It will include a themed restaurant, bar, and even a recreated ship bow for photo ops. The only drawback to all this Vegas grandeur is that it will likely cheapen the image of the Titanic exhibit.

It appears the plan is to move the exhibit into the Luxor sometime in 2008. I’ve never been to the Luxor, so I don’t know much about it. Anyone here been there?

Disclosure: I own shares of Premier Exhibitions.

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