79th Edition of the Festival of Stocks

Ferris WheelWelcome to the March 10, 2008 edition of the Festival of Stocks. I hope you remembered to “spring” your clocks forward by an hour this weekend. Daylight savings time began yesterday, March 9th, here in the United States. I’m sure many of you are struggling to stay awake this morning. I sure am. Hopefully this week’s Festival of Stocks will charge you up for this morning’s market opening. This edition of the Festival of Stocks is organized below into the categories: stock analysis, investing concepts, investment strategies, avoiding mistakes, and tools.

This Week’s Submissions

Stock Analysis 

Financial Alchemist presents Chesapeake is a Top Energy Play. Turley Muller further analyzes Chesapeake Energy.
Stocks: CHK 

The Dividend Guy Blog presents Dividend Stock Wednesday: Johnson Controls (JCI-NYSE). An analysis of the dividend stock Johnson Controls. Good dividend growth but the good performance has already been built into the price of this stock.
Stocks: JCI 

Neural Market Trends presents The Boeing Company (BA) – Flying High or Crashing?Tom discusses fundamental, technical, neural net, and monte carlo sim analysis of Boeing in a concise post. He concludes there Boeing might be worth waiting on to get cheaper before buying.
Stocks: BA 

Investing Concepts

Fat Pitch Financials presents Great Businesses According to Buffett. After reading this year’s letter to shareholders by Warren Buffett, I take a closer look at how this superinvestor identifies great businesses.

Stock Market Investing For Beginners presents Great Stock Market Investing Minds – Benjamin Graham. No financial education is complete without learning about Benjamin Graham.

Sox First presents High finance, complexity and disaster. A look at the dangers associated with financial innovation.

Stock Market Investing For Beginners presents Dividend Yield Investing For Beginners. If you’re a stock market beginner looking to make a start on investing, dividend yield is an important concept to come to terms with. This article describes what a dividend yield is, how to calculate it, how to use it and what the pitfalls can be in applying it.

Investment Strategies

The Digerati Life presents Down Year Ahead? How It Can Be Good For Your Investments. This article explores dollar cost averaging and it can help you buy low in down years. 

MagicDiligence presents 5 Reasons To Own Small Cap Value. This is the first in a series of articles examining how and why to own small cap, value based stocks.

The Money Making Mind Set presents Dividend stocks – the best passive income stream? This passive income seeker discovers the potential of dividend paying stocks.

Money Blue Book presents How To Open A Roth IRA Account And Which Broker To Use. The title of this article pretty much sums it up. However, I think the author left off some excellent options for Roth IRA accounts, including Firstrade which I use for my Roth IRA.

Avoiding Investment Mistakes

Dividends4Life presents My Top 3 Investing Mistakes. He says, “There are only few things in life that I consider myself an expert in, but when it comes to making investing mistakes I have earned several PhDs.” This is part of a multiblog series on investment mistakes started by The Dividend Guy. 

My Simple Trading System presents American Century Ultra Fund: The Folly of Not Following Your Trading Plan. Praveen Puri uses the example of American Century Ultra Fund’s bad moves as an example of why it is important to have a trading system in place. 

Millionaire Money Habits presents 10 Mistakes Investors Make and How to Avoid Them. The article includes a video that presents the investing mistakes everyone makes, and how you can avoid them.


Free Geekery presents Wide Open Wallet: 50 Awesome Open Source Financial Tools. This is a good collection of links to free financial software. I spotted a couple of interesting financial calculators on this list that I plan to download and test out this this week.

That concludes this week’s Festival of Stocks. You can submit an entry for next week’s Festival of Stocks by using this form. The next edition will be hosted by Stock Market Prognosticator.

If you are interested in hosting a future edition of the Festival of Stocks, please visit the schedule to find a free slot. Then contact me with the name of your site, blog URL, email address, and the date your prefer to host.

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