Weekend Reading – Buffett Notes and More

It was an exciting week for investors at Value Investing News. There was a great link submitted this week to notes from a February 15th meeting that Warren Buffett had with students at Emory’s Goizueta Business School. This story also quickly earned the rank of top news item at Value Investing News for the month of February. Congratulations go out to Dang Le of Underground Value for this great acheivement. His story will be added to the Value Investing News hall of fame soon.

Now here are the other top headlines this week:

  1. Notes from Buffett Meeting 2/15/2008
  2. Free! Why $0.00 Is the Future of Business: Story of Gillette
  3. Whitney Tilson on Sears (video)
  4. Leucadia Files 13-d on AmeriCredit
  5. Value Idea: Buyout of CHC Helicopter
  6. Leucadia a 10% Investor in Pershing Square
  7. Video conference with Mr. Walter J. Schloss, CFA
  8. It’s a matter of reading and asking questions
  9. Unconventional Investing Can Beat This Bear
  10. Mark Sellers: Take advantage when good companies come to market

Have a great weekend.

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