Top Value Investing News – Buffett, Special Situations, Winters and More

It looks like most of you rightly predicted last week that the market was in for more turbulence in 2008. Poll results show that 91% of Value Investing News readers didn’t believe that the January low would be the worst of it for 2008. To help you better prepare for further mood swings on Wall Street, be sure to catch up with the highest ranked stories this week on Value Investing News:

  1. Buffett Sees No Credit Crunch, Forecasts Lower Dollar
  2. Special Situations Real Money Portfolio January 2008 Update
  3. Buffett Made Millions on Canadian Currency Bet, Post Reports
  4. Global Treasure Hunter: David Winters
  5. Craving the High That Risky Trading Can Bring
  6. Where to find value investing ideas?
  7. Jeff Matthews Is Not Making This Up: Been to a Dairy Queen Lately? Part III
  8. Down to the Last Drop of Profit Growth
  9. Fairholme Funds 2007 Annual Report
  10. Digging for dividends

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One thought on “Top Value Investing News – Buffett, Special Situations, Winters and More

  • February 9, 2008 at 5:23 pm

    As a dividend investor, these are exciting times! I’m getting to purchase stocks that I couldn’t touch for years due to their valuations!

    Best Wishes,

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