Weekend Reading from Value Investing News

It was a tough week to keep your cool. I held strong, but I was starting to have regrets that I didn’t jump on the opportunity to buy shares on Tuesday. However, given today’s action, it doesn’t look like we are over this rough patch yet. Members of Value Investing News are weighing in on whether we’ve seen a market bottom yet. Be sure to add your opinion to the current poll.

After you take our poll, enjoy this week’s top Value Investing News stories:

  1. The Only Three Financials Worth Owning, Part 1
  2. I’m No Longer Alone in Retail
  3. Michael Mauboussin : ROIC Patterns and Shareholder Returns
  4. Why it’s fair weather for Fairfax investors
  5. Ackman’s Letter to Moody’s: A Must Read
  6. Buffett buys 3% of Swiss Re
  7. Leucadia Buys More Options on AmeriCredit
  8. BusinessWeek interviews Vitaliy Katsenelson about Active Value Investing
  9. The World Economic Forum
  10. Sandar Biglari Issues Letter to Shareholders of the Steak n Shake Company

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