Festival of Stocks at Disciplined Approach to Investing

This week’s Festival of Stocks is hosted at Disciplined Approach to Investing. The editor’s choice this week includes The Sun, in the center by Political Calculations and Market Response to Recessions by A Dash of Insight.

I hope you have enjoyed Martin Luther King Jr. Day. I had a very relaxing long weekend. However, it looks like tomorrow will be a very rough day according to the latest news I’m seeing at Value Investing News. Prepare yourselves mentally for an emotional week on Wall Street as the U.S. market responds to the steep declines across international markets today.

One thought on “Festival of Stocks at Disciplined Approach to Investing

  • January 21, 2008 at 2:56 pm


    Thanks for commenting on this week’s Festival of Stocks. There were more submissions than I listed. I recommend those bloggers submit to future Festivals.

    This was my first time hosting the Festival and your template made the process fairly easy.

    Good luck in your blogging and investing efforts in 2008.


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