Confirmation of Capitol First Going Private Transaction

I recently became concerned about my position in Capitol First (CFCO). I read a message board post that noted that Capital First’s latest press release only mentioned record holders getting cashed out during the reverse stock split.

I did a bit of research this afternoon and found the phone number for Capital First. I gave them a call and a women named Monica answered the phone. I asked for investor relations and she said that she could help me. I indicated that I was a shareholder and was concerned about the going private transaction. I mentioned that the latest press release only indicated record holders being cashed out.

Monica told me that she was the CFO and could provide me answers to my questions. I looked in the latest quarterly report, and Monica A. Schreiber is indeed listed as the Chief Financial Officer. Monica joked that it is not every day that you can call the main number of the company and speak directly with the CFO. Her office was shorted staff today, so she was answering the phone.

Monica reassured me that shares held in a brokerage account would indeed be cashed out if I held less than 2,00o shares. She also indicated that it would probably take 30 days for the transaction to be completed. In addition, she informed me that it was not likely that I would be required to fill out any transfer forms if my shares were held in a brokerage account.

That alleviated my concerns, and I was pleasantly surprised by the level of service I received. I am confident that this transaction will go through now. As a side note, I also want to note that the ticker symbol for Capitol First Corporation has changed from CFRC to CFCO.

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