Weekend Reading from Value Investing News

Be sure to check out the new exclusive features section of Value Investing News. This week we welcome a new writer, Sanjay Shetty. His first article, “Understanding The Numbers“, is a solid review of the fundamentals important to value investing. Bridge Street also provided us with two timely pieces on the financial sector.

The story links have been flying in this week. The top stories read by value investors this week were as follows:

  1. My Hero, Benjamin Grossbaum (Ben Graham speech)
  2. Follies of Value Investors
  3. Shareholders Have Beef with Steak n Shake (SNS)
  4. Prem Watsa has never been more bearish
  5. @VIC: Greenlight Capital’s David Einhorn – Lehman’s a Short
  6. @VIC: Whitney Tilson & Glenn Tongue – EMC Stub, Resource America and Berkshire Hathaway
  7. @VIC: Omega’s Leon Cooperman on Teledyne’s Henry Singleton and Share Buybacks
  8. @VIC: Rich Pzena – ‘Freddie Mac’s the Cheapest Stock I’ve Ever Seen’
  9. USG @$36 per share: A Huge Bargain
  10. Warren Buffett Going Global: Becky’s Video Diary

The Value Investing Congress is dominating the headlines. I’m sure we will get more reports about this elite value investor gathering in the days to come.

This month’s contest winners were just selected at Value Investing News. We are also just about to announce the over $500 in prizes for December’s Contest at Value Investing News. This is the perfect time to become a member for free and get active in our community. The more active you are the better your chances of winning one of this month’s prizes.

Disclosure: I own shares of USG and WSZL.

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