64th Festival of Stocks

Welcome to the November 26, 2007 edition of Festival of Stocks. The Festival of Stocks is a blog carnival dedicated to highlighting bloggers best posts on stock market related topics. Fat Pitch Financials is the birth place of the Festival of Stocks, and I am proud to be hosting this 56th edition of this weekly roundup.

Before we jump into this week’s Festival of Stocks, please consider voting in my two ongoing polls.  This first asks readers to vote on their favorite value investing books and the second asks users to rank the most influential value investors. Thank you for weighing in on these two surveys. Feel free to use the poll widgets on your own blogs.

This week’s Festival of Stocks entries are listed in the order received. Given that we are just coming off a long holiday weekend, I’ve keep my editorial remarks to a minimum so you can quickly scan through the submissions.

This Week’s Submissions

That concludes this edition. I want to thank everybody for contributing such great submissions this week.

Submit your blog article to the next edition of Festival of Stocks using our submission form. We are looking for a host for next week’s Festival of Stocks. Please consider volunteering to host a future edition of the Festival of Stocks. Contact me if you are interested. Past posts and future hosts can be found on our Festival of Stocks index page.

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