Top Value Investing News – Active Value Investing, Sears, HOG and more

Sorry the weekend reading list is a little late this week. I’ve been busy working on a Facebook application for Value Investing News. There is actually a pretty active value investing community emerging on Facebook, and I’m hoping to provide them with a tool to keep up with the latest news relevant to value investors. Given this week’s news that Microsoft (MSFT) edged out Google (GOOG) for a stake in Facebook, I decided this little project of mine needed to receive top priority. It’s now almost ready for testing. If you are interested in my Value Investing News Facebook app, add my profile to your Facebook account. I’ll then send you an invitation to add the application shortly.

Now here are this week’s top Value Investing News stories:

  1. Fat Pitch Financial Reviews Active Value Investing
  2. The Hidden Value In Sears Holdings
  3. MartketWatch Interview: Active Value Investing in Range-Bound Markets
  4. Harley Davidson (HOG)……. Not Yet
  5. Mosaic Chapter 19: Is it time to Buy Infosys?
  6. Berkshire’s Buffett says China is too hot to buy
  7. PetroChina: A Look Back
  8. 17th Annual Graham & Dodd Breakfast
  9. Sherwin Williams Defies The Consumer
  10. Warren Buffett Considers Korean Stock Market ‘Still Attractive’

I’m pretty proud that my review of Active Value Investingmade the top of this week’s list.  MarketWatch also interviewed the author, Vitaliy Katsenelson, this week. Value Investing News is also planning to host an online question and answer session with Vitaliy in the Value Investing News Forum in the next few days.  If you are interested in Vitaliy’s new book, I encourage you to participate in this month’s Value Investing News contest. We are giving away three signed copies of Active Value Investing: Making Money in Range-Bound Markets.

Disclosure: I own shares in Microsoft (MSFT).

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