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This has been a very busy week at Value Investing News. We now average over 650 RSS feed subscribersand our goal is to have over 1,000 by the end of the year.  Help spread the word.  Tell your friends and family about VIN and help us achieve our goal.

To start your weekend reading, I highly recommend our poor man’s version of Mohnish Pabrai’s Mosaic.  This book has been selling for more than $350 per copy on Amazon.  Amazingly, you can read much of this book for free online!  Click to the Value Investing News Forum to find out how.

After you finish reading Mosaic, be sure to also check out this week’s top Value Investing News headlines:

  1. Casting for Value: Where do Professional Investors Get Their Ideas?
  2. 52-Week Low List Packed with Quality Names
  3. Foolish Book Review: “Active Value Investing”
  4. Learning From Eddie Lampert
  5. Is Nutrisystem Healthy?
  6. Buffett’s Best Investment
  7. Warren Buffett on the Economy
  8. Interview with Jason Zweig
  9. Sham Gad: Buffett on Bonds
  10. Getting the Buffetts of the world more interested in Korea

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