Top Value Investing Stories this Week – Lampert, Whitmen, Pzena

Value Investing News celebrated its one year anniversary this week. Earlier today as part of that celebration, I announced the winner of a copy of Active Value Investing, which I gave away to celebrate this milestone. If you missed out on this opportunity, you can still win a copy by participating in the October Value Investing News contest.

Members of Value Investing News have been real busy finding great articles this week. The top stories they found this week include the following:

  1. Sears Holding: Lands End Expansion on track
  2. Something about Whitman
  3. It’s Lampert Rumor Season Again
  4. An Interview with Richard Pzena
  5. The Danger in Buying the Biggest
  6. Why Apple (AAPL) Is Not a Good Value
  7. Cigarettes, Booze, Gambling…and Economic Moats – Morningstar Stock Strategist
  8. Buffett to tour Korea
  9. Cashing In On Corporate Restructuring
  10. Mohnish Pabrai Bought More DFC

Enjoy the reading and have a great weekend.

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