Value Investing News Highlights

Here are the top stories this week on Value Investing News:

  1. Home Depot May Be Down, But They Got Flavor
    This week in value investing news, investors have been looking for value opportunities in the down trodden home improvement sector.  The debate seems to be boiling down to Home Depot (HD) versus Lowe’s (LOW). You can share the results of your analysis of the relative value of these stocks in this week’s poll.
  2. Book Review: Active Value Investing
    A new value investing book hit the selves this past week, Active Value Investingby Vitaliy N. Katsenelson.  We are giving away three copies of this fine book for this month’s user contest at Value Investing News. I’m putting the finishing touches on my own review of this book.
  3. Interview with Syntax-Brillian’s Vince Sollitto
    I first spotted this interesting interview when I pulled together this week’s Festival of Stocks.  Apparently, several other investors found it to be of value.
  4. Magic Formula’s: Do As I Say, Not As I Do?
    Isn’t that always the case?
  5. Pabrai Channels the Oracle
    Lots of discussion this week following the Pabrai Funds annual meeting.
  6. A Dozen $10 Billion+ Buys
    Value investors seem to be getting more and more interested in large cap stocks.
  7. Screaming Values Are Out There
    There are some values out there, but maybe not for long.
  8. Why Ask Me? Ask Mohnish.
  9. The Sub-Prime Crisis and the Hedge Fund Collapse
    More sub-prime fall out discussion.  This will be a theme for at least a few more months.
  10. Pabrai Week: The Kelly Formula
    I’m struggling to really understand the Kelly Formula.  I first learned about it on VIN and then I read more about it in the Dhando Investor. Maybe a few more articles and discussions and I’ll finally learn how to apply this powerful concept in a more quantitative way.

Have a great Columbus Day weekend.  Be sure to vote in this week’s poll about whether we are in a range-bound market. I know Vitaliy thinks we are. What do you think?

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