New Server and New Blogging Software

This weekend I discovered a great offer for free hosting by Post4Hosting. I signed up for this “fat pitch” deal and transferred the address to the new server. The transfer took a few hours on Saturday night, so you may not have been able to visit Fat Pitch Financials using during that time.

In the process of transferring the domain name to Post4Hosting, I also decided to upgrade the blogging software I use to WordPress. I will stop updating the old Blogger-based site at Please update your links and bookmarks to the new and easier to remember address of

I am also in the process of updating the page layout for this site, so you might notice some strange things here at Fat Pitch Financials over the next couple of days. Ken over at Conscious Junkyard has been great in helping me update my template for WordPress with the templates that he has shared.

I appologize for this disruption. Please be patient with the major changes that are occurring.

One thought on “New Server and New Blogging Software

  • June 6, 2005 at 10:50 am

    Hi George, Thanks! I recently had time to fix the comment form textarea scaling issue. I added the following lines to the file named style.css (in the theme folder), right above the #footer and beginning of the calendar section (about 7/8 down from the top of the file):

    #commentform textarea {
    width: 100%;

    I missed that in the original implementation.

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