Weekend Reading from Value Investing News

Before you head to the beach this weekend, you might want to print out these top stories  from Value Investing News:

  1. Warren Buffett to CNBC: All the Speculation is Just Speculation
  2. Be ready to act when market opens a door to opportunity
  3. Crisis Counsel
  4. 4th Annual Value Investing Seminar in Italy – Day 1
  5. Stock Picks from a Berkshire-like Investor
  6. Whitney Tilson on BRK, TGT & MCD
  7. Mobius on the Markets
  8. Riding Out the Storm with Quality Stocks
  9. Dissecting Annaly Capital Management
  10. Berkshire Hathaway 2008 Annual Meeting Announcement

Be sure to also vote on this week’s poll that looks at which stock class will outperform the others in the last quarter of 2007.  Finally, I just wanted to remind you that the August contest at Value Investing News only has a few days left to go.  Be sure to register for free and get involved in Value Investing News to earn a chance to win one of this month’s prizes.

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