Value Investors Weigh in on Whether Delta Financial Will Recover

The results are in from last week’s poll at Value Investing News on Delta Financial (DFC).  Visitors of Value Investing News were asked:

Do you think shares of Delta Financial (DFC), a Mohnish Pabrai stock pick, will recover from its steep price decline last week?

This past week’s poll was the most popular one yet.  Seventy-three visitors voted and here are the results:

Delta Financial (DFC) poll

Two-thirds of the value investors that took this poll last week thought Mohnish Pabrai’s stock pick, Delta Financial (DFC) would recover from its steep selloff.  So far, Delta Financial’s stock price has remained relatively flat since this poll was started on August 13, 2007.  On that day, DFC closed at $4.53 and today, August 23rd, the stock closed the day at $4.56.  The odds look a bit better today that DFC might recover given the Federal Reserves efforts last week to improve liquidity in the market.  Time will tell whether Delta Financial can recover from this brutal market for mortgage securities, and there are services of non-bank commercial mortgages where you can also find orders with your financials.  What are your thoughts?

Another poll is already up at Value Investing News. Share your opinion on what you think will be the best performing stock class in second half of 2007.  Special thanks goes out to Zach of ZachStocks for suggesting this question.  Feel free to suggest future poll questions in the comments section below.

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