Value Investing News Weekly Summary

I hope everyone survived the wild market this week. Thankfully, the weekend is finally here. Let’s catch up on the top value investing stories this week:

  1. David Einhorn’s analysis of St Joe’s At Stocks Below NCAV
  2. Bruce Berkowitz
  3. Interview With Sardar Biglari
  4. Note To Lampert: Let People Know About Land’s End
  5. Buybacks vs. Dividends Poll Results
  6. Warren Buffett Bought 1.6 Million More Shares of Burlington Northern Santa Fe Corp.
  7. Off Year for Berkshire Doesn’t Cow Buffett Buff
  8. A Pretty Good Time To Be A Buyer Of Stocks!
  9. Hidden Gems in the Junk Bin
  10. Gurus On Board: Ask Bill Nygren — The Answers

Value Investing News announced the August monthly contest. Be sure to check out the prizes and please visit our sponsor.

We also made a few changes to Value Investing News. We added a new market news video section.  There is also a translator now built into the site that will hopefully help our international visitors read our discussions.  Just click on the flag links towards the bottom middle of the site to machine translate the page you are currently viewing.

We’ve also discovered what was causing Value Investing News to occasionally go offline.  Our recommendations engine was apparently broken.  It needs to be sent to the repair shop for a major overhaul.  Until it gets rebuilt, the recommendations page will not be available and the related stories block will also be missing. On a positive note, VIN is now faster than ever. By the way, did any of you actually use those recommendation features?

Have a great weekend.

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