Weekend Reading from Value Investing News

It’s time again to kick back and enjoy the weekend.  The weather is going to be great here this weekend, so I don’t think I’ll be doing much reading unless it involves the back of a Heineken. I’m going fishing with my son, the true owner of the Special Situations Real Money Port. I’m hoping we’ll catch his first fish on this trip.

If you are stuck indoors this weekend and are looking to catch up on your reading start with this week’s top stories selected by members of Value Investing News:

  1. Friendly’s To be Acquired for $15.50 a Share in Cash
  2. A Tale of Two Tender Offers
  3. Magic Formula Insights – Unloved Sectors?
  4. Fly, Don’t Buy Airlines or Why Big Banks Make Dumb Loans
  5. Ajit Jain, Buffett Pupil, Boosts Berkshire Cash as Succession Looms
  6. Kiplinger’s Interviews with Bill Miller – A Legend Sizes Up the Market
  7. An afternoon with Charlie Munger
  8. Finding the Next Deep-Value Winner
  9. Wal-Mart Getting Real Hard Not To Buy
  10. A New Way to Listen to Music: ROIC

I’m really enjoying my new copy of The Dhando Investor that I just received from Wiley, the sponsor of this month’s contest at Value Investing News.  Be sure to get involved at Value Investing News to win your copy of this excellent book. I am very impressed with Mohnish Pabrai’s thinking and I’m sure you will be hearing more about it from me in the future.

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