New Financial Data Source – Anumati

I stumbled upon a really nice financial data source today called Anumati. It provides financial data for over 9,000 stocks. You just type in the stock symbol and then you get a list of financial tables by quarter, trailing twelve months, and annual time periods. The annual data goes back six years! In addition, you can also retrieve tables of ratios focusing on valuation, liquidity & safety, operating efficiency, margins & expenses, growth and EVA.

I tested out a few companies and the results I got looked pretty good. The data might even be of better quality than Reuters‘ data. The best feature is that all the financial statements have standard categories that stay the same for every company you look up, unlike the Reuters financial statement data. In addition, the clean design of the site will make this an excellent data source for automated Excel spreadsheets.

The only concern I have is that this “free lunch” seems too good to be true. With no registration, fees, or advertisements I’m not sure how Anumati will be maintained. There is also no information regarding the creators of the page or what their data source is. I hope this very promising website continues providing this very useful tool, but I would be prepared for the possibility that this tool might disappear at any time.

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