Enhanced Annual Reports Feed

Annual reports are one of the most important documents for value investors to review. I often read the 10-K version of these documents since they are freely available at the SEC website. To help me keep track of these important filings, I have developed an RSS feed for annual report filings

This feed is available at the Value Investing News Annual Reports aggregator. The annual reports page includes 10-K, 10KSB, and 20-F filings. 10-K filings are the standard annual report filing. The 10KSB is filed by small businesses and 20-F filings are for foreign private companies. In addition to including a direct link to the filing in the enhanced annual report feed, there are also the following features:

  •  A link to the all the company’s recent filings by clicking on the company name. 
  • A link to a current stock quote via Google Finance
  • A handy link to quickly submit the annual report to Value Investing News so you can:
    • Bookmark it for future reference
    • Write down and share your comments
    • Discuss the annual report with other members of Value Investing News
  • Advanced RSS feed services provided by FeedBurner to insure ease of use, maximum compatibility, and reliability.

Best of all, you can subscribe to this free enhanced annual reports feed directly using the following RSS feed link:

Annual Report Feed icon


If you are unfamiliar with RSS feed technology, I recommend that you watch the RSS in Plain English video. Once you are familiar with RSS feeds, you might want to consider using Google Reader for subscribing to feeds. It’s my favorite. Besides using a feed reader, there are a lot of other ways you can use feeds, such as adding them to your homepage, desktop widget or even syndicating them on your own blog’s sidebar (just be sure to cite Value Investing News as the source).

This RSS technology combined with the annual reports feed provided by Value Investing News will save you time and maybe even help you make better informed investment decisions. By the way, you can also subscribe to the Fat Pitch Financials feed as well to keep up with my latest posts here.

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