Weekend Reading from Value Investing News

There has been plenty of stock market activity this week with all the ups and downs sparked by the subprime mortgage sector. I haven’t been able to keep up with all the manic moves of Mr. Market. On top of it all, this has been a very busy week at work for me as well, so I look forward to reading the top articles on Value Investing News this weekend. Join me in rating and commenting on the following story links:

  1. Taking A “Leap Of Faith”
  2. This Panther Is Ready To Pounce
  3. Against the Topps Deal
  4. Moodys – Flunking Out At Lampert U
  5. Warren Buffett at Georgetown
  6. Topps Removes Dissident Directors from “Go Shop” Process
  7. Sequoia Fund Annual Report
  8. The “Money Flow” Myth and the “Liquidity” Trap
  9. If the Number of Net/Nets is a Contrary Indicator, We’re in Trouble!
  10. Handleman (HDL) is Still a Bargain

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