Festival of Stocks #27

Pharaoh’s Fury rideWelcome to the 27th edition of the Festival of Stocks. The Festival of Stocks is a blog carnival dedicated to highlighting bloggers best posts on stock market related topics. This is my fourth time hosting the Festival of Stocks here at Fat Pitch Financials, the birth place of this online weekly event. I want to thank everyone for making my idea for the Festival of Stocks become reality.

The home of the Festival of Stocks at Value Investing News has evolved quite a bit since I first launched the Festival. Value Investing News is rapidly becoming the leading site for value investors looking for news. I encourage you to consider joining in this cooperative news sharing service. If you join now, you can compete this month for a free pass to the Value Investing Congress West. This is an incredible opportunity to hear some of the best professional value investors speak about their investment ideas.

This edition of the Festival of stocks includes eleven entries. The global stock market declined sparked by the selloff in China two weeks ago was still on investors’ minds this week and is reflected in this week’s submissions. Those submissions are roughly grouped into three categories: stock analysis, markets, and investing. Without further ado, let me present this week’s excellent submissions:

This Week’s Submissions

Stock Analysis

On Posco, Berkshire, and Buffett at Gannon On Investing
* Editor’s Choice *
Geoff Gannon shares his insight into Warren Buffett’s investment in POSCO.
Stocks: PKX

Western Sizzlin Rights Offering Experience at Fat Pitch Financials
Learn how I played the Western Sizzlin rights offering to gain 23.4% in 100 days even with all the mistakes I made. Read this detailed account so you can be ready the next time one of these opportunities becomes available.

Bruker BioSciences: Earnings Growing, Insiders Buying at BioHealth Investor
Insiders are buying this closely held stock. However, Bruker has a high percentage of shares held institutions so any earnings miss could cause a price meltdown according to the author of this post.
Stocks: BRKR

Is Chico’s Turning the Corner? at One Guy’s Investments
So how about that Chico’s?  Can it again be a great growth stock, or will it turn into (horrors!) the Gap?
Stocks: CHS


Top 10 Reasons Wall Street Gives for the Stock Market Correction at TodaysTen.com
Why did the stock market fall so suddenly and by so much? Wall street tries to explain. However, this author fails to mention that many also consider stocks to be overvalued in both U.S. and Chinese markets.

The China Syndrome at Sox First
The historical significance of this week’s stock market plunge should not be under-estimated. When it comes to risk, it’s a whole new ball game with global capital markets now more integrated than ever before. What’s happening now in China is the shape of things to come.


Trust Amongst the Investment Bankers at Trust Matters
There’s no such thing as trust among investment bankers – or trusting investment bankers, and the reason is that they’re more interested in the deal than the relationship.

The Problem – Straight answers about personal financial and investment planning are hard to find at The Skilled Investor
“Instead of being trapped in continuing ego games of personal investment triumph, they should think far more about protecting their wallets.”

Q1 2007 Stock Purchases Update – Closed All Positions at My Wealth Builder
It looks like Mr. Market got to the emotions of this investor.

Buy and Hold, my problem at Investing in Euro
This small individual investor finds Buffett’s “buy and hold” investing a bit challenging. I think one should avoid equating value investing with buy and hold investing.

Ethical and Socially Responsible Investing: Why it Can’t Be Done at Getting Green
This post discusses reasons why socially responsible investing might not work. I use to be a more socially conscious investor, but I now share a similar opinion as the author of this post. Warren Buffett also has commented that the stock market is not the best venue to effect social change.

Best practice for top trading performance: biofeedback at Brain Fitness
For the traders out there: advice by a top trading psychology expert on how to regulate our emotions for optimal decision-making. Training my brain to control my emotions sounds intriguing since it would be an great skill to have as a value investor.

That concludes this week’s Festival of Stocks. Next week’s Festival of Stocks will be hosted at Gannon On Investing.  You can submit an entry by using this form

If you are interested in hosting a future edition of the Festival of Stocks, please visit the schedule to find a free slot. Then contact me with the name of your site, blog URL, email address, and the date your prefer to host.

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  • March 13, 2007 at 12:13 am

    Just linked back to the carnival.

    Btw, if you have any questions on emotional self-regulation, please let me know. It has been one of my major focus for the last couple of years-it can be done.

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