Weekend Reading and Contest from Value Investing News

Did you know that Value Investing News hosts a monthly user contest? Each month we offer prizes to the most active users of Value Investing News. The prizes have been modest up until this month. I’m proud to announce that this month we are giving away one free pass to the 2nd Annual Value Investing Congress West. Visit the following link for further details on the March Contest at Value Investing News.

Be sure to also check out this week’s top Value Investing News stories:

  1. Total Return Yield
  2. The Story and Value of USG
  3. How Is a Hedge Fund Like a School?
  4. Berkshire Hathaway Annual Letter to Shareholders Available online
  5. Vindication: Thy Name Is Howard Schultz
  6. Top 10 Net/Nets Four Years Later
  7. Guppies, ants and golf swings: Mental models for investors
  8. On Posco, Berkshire, and Buffett
  9. Buffett: Major additions to stock holdings
  10. Buying The China Syndrome

Be sure to register and vote up or down on each of these stories to start earning points towards this month’s contest.

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