Weekend Value Investing Reading

There were some great stories submitted to Value Investing News this week.  I’ve been very busy this week, so I haven’t been able to submit much.  Thankfully, the members of Value Investing News picked up the slack with some great links.  Here are this week’s top stories:

  1. Stockpicking is kids’ stuff!
  2. Pabrai’s Perspectives on Investing
  3. Pabrai’s Perspectives on Investing – Part 2
  4. Francis Chou’s Bottom-Fishing
  5. The ghost of trades past (and what it can tell you)
  6. Meet the Men who Fleeced Enron
  7. Complete Notes on Klarman’s Margin of Safety
  8. Travelcenters of America
  9. Buffett Stands By PetroChina Investment
  10. Buffett to Keep PetroChina Stake

Be sure to vote up or down on these stories as you read them. Your actions help maintain the quality of the front page at Value Investing News and your votes also shape the stories that Value Investing News recommends to you. I almost forgot, you also get points for your voting actions that contribute towards your standing in the monthly contest. Have a great weekend.

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