Financial Carnivals

The Festival of Stocks went up last night.  This week’s Festival of Stocks is hosted by SelfInvestors. SelfInvestors did a nice job pulling together the Festival, even though there was a little confusion regarding the deadline and then a mad rush to get it done. My article on the intrinsic value of Unilever PLC (UL) was included in the Festival of Stocks. I recommend you also check out the article on portfolio margin of safety by Worst-Case Scenario Investing.  What a great blog name.

I also participated in this week’s Carnival of Personal Finance hosted by 2million. This week’s Carnival of Personal Finance was set in Rio. There were a lot of Carnival float pictures included with the story. My article on tax deductions you might have forgotten about was included.  There are still quite a few personal finance articles in that Carnival that I’ll want to read later today.

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