Value Investing News Contest and Weekend Reading

I just wanted to let you know that Value Investing News is having a contest this month.  You could win six months of free access to Fat Pitch Financials Contributor’s Corner. This is your chance to find out what Contributor’s Corner is all about for free. All you have to do is be the most active member of Value Investing News in January in terms of posting new stories, commenting, and voting on stories. The details of the contest are laid out in a post at the Value Investing News Blog.

To help you get started, let me present this week’s top stories for your weekend reading enjoyment.  They are as follows:

  1. 10 Ways to Guarantee You’ll Lose Money in the Stock Market
  2. The Biotech Industry: 30 Years of Failure!
  3. A Merger Arbitrage Opportunity
  4. Morningstar reviews the Berkshire Hathaway Portfolio
  5. Wallstrip Chat with Michelle Leder
  6. Holding Cash
  7. Special Situations Real Money Port 2006 Performance
  8. Streak ended, so what?

Have a great weekend and good luck with the contest.

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