Festival of Stocks 17

Welcome to the seventeenth edition of the Festival of Stocks.  This is the first Festival of the new year.  I decided to hold off until late in the day to post the festival since the major U.S. stock markets were closed today in observance of President Ford’s funeral.

Since last week was a short week, this week’s Festival of Stocks is a little lighter than normal. However, I’m also including the top stories from Value Investing News that I’m sure many of you will also be interested in reading.  But first, let me introduce this week’s excellent submissions:

This Week’s Submissions

Stock Analysis

Sasol and the Liquid Coal Revolution at Gold Stock Bull
When the world is ready to move beyond petroleum, Sasol’s liquefied coal production capabilities may become essential. Until then, Sasol will continue to explore and produce petroleum and benefit from any rise in oil prices.

Molson Coors: Like Watching Beer Dry at Controlled Greed.com
Who said value investing is not exciting? With Molson Coors, you can enjoy a few brews as “research” while you wait for the market to recognize the value of this leading beer producer.
Stocks: TAP

Sally Beauty’s Moat Springs a Leak at Fat Pitch Financials
A change in the recent spin-off, Sally Beauty Holdings’ relationship with L’Oreal caused shares of the company to drop more than 17 percent. It looks like Mr. Market may have overreacted like usual to this news.
Stocks: SBH


Net Current Asset Value Strategy Evaluated at Worst-Case Scenario Investing
* Editor’s Choice *
After a year of experimenting with net/nets, this blogger discovers that investing in these bargain bin stocks can be risky.

It Is Not the Cards You are Dealt; But is How You Play Them at Vitaliy’s Contrarian Edge
“One of two things (sometimes a bit of both) can unite great investors: process and randomness (luck).” This article reminds us that the key is to remain focused on the process regardless of the short-term outcomes.

Against All Odds at HedgeFundDomain.net
John Edwards has been building up his worldly experience by taking a job at a global hedge fund.

5 Keys to Getting Good Buys on Great Stocks at Debt Free
Five solid pieces of investment advice based on Buffett’s investment principles. 

Value Investing News Top Stories

In Defense of Extraordinary Claims – Gannon on Investing presents a case for why the current circumstances in U.S. stock market can be considered extraordinary. This analysis rich article looks at normalized historical P/E levels to determine how the market is behaving differently these past few years in comparison to the historical record.Concord Camera (LENS) – Still Room to Fly – Joseph Citarrella over at joecit.com gives his reasoning that despite a recent run-up in Concord’s stock, it is trading well-below it’s intrinsic value and may present a buying opportunity for ‘stodgy value investors’.

Sears Holdings (SHLD) bucks another trend – Andy Kern over at Berkshire Ruminations writes on the recent changes that Eddie Lampert & Co. have had at the newly formed Sears Holdings (SHLD).

Altria is the Most Overvalued Dow Stock – Last time we looked at undervalued Dow stocks. This time we take aim at the most overvalued.

What’s Berkshire Hathaway Worth, Anyway — II ? – An update analysis of the “fair value” of Berkshire Hathaway Cl A stock.

Ten Stocks For 2007 – As investors rebalance their portfolios for the New Year, I figured it would be a good idea to share the list of ten stocks that are currently at the top of my watch list.

Going Bananas – Chiquita Brands – Rick of Value Discipline takes a look at Chiquita Brands (CQB) and determines that “despite the levered balance sheet…the stock appears attractive at current levels.” He lays out his reasoning, discussing EU tariffs, produce recalls, banana pricing, and other recent developments.

The Latest Net-Nets from Cheap Stocks – Cheap Stocks lists the top ten net/nets and the top ten double net/nets companies trading at less than twice NCAV.

That concludes this week’s Festival of Stocks. Next week’s Festival of Stocks will be hosted at StockReply.  You can submit an entry by using this form

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