Pfizer Purchase Details

Here is my Marketocracy buy order confirmation for yesterday’s purchase of Pfizer stock:

Your ticket to buy 2010 shares of PFE at $24.8500, created at 09:52 Dec 07 completed at 10:04 Dec 07. 2010 shares were bought at a net average price of $24.9000 including commissions and fees.

You can track the performance of this portfolio at the Fat Pitch Financials Portfolio page. I also updated my Motely Fool Caps picks and Stockpickr portfolio with PFE. I think you will find both of these new web 2.0 style portfolio tracking services to provide interesting information about my stock picks and how they relate to what others are doing.

If my kids settle down, I will hopefully post my Pfizer moat check and price check shortly.

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