Festival of Stocks #11

Welcome to the eleventh edition of the Festival of Stocks. The Festival of Stocks is a blog carnival dedicated to highlighting bloggers best posts on stock market related topics. This is my second time hosting the Festival of Stocks here at Fat Pitch Financials, the birth place of this online weekly event. I want to thank everyone for making my idea for the Festival of Stocks become reality. It is just one of the many thing that I will be thankful for on Thanksgiving this week.

The home of the Festival of Stocks at Value Investing News has evolved quite a bit since I first launched the Festival. Value Investing News is rapidly becoming the leading site for value investors looking for news. I encourage you to consider joining in this cooperative news sharing service. If you join now, you will have a chance at winning one of three copies of The Little Book of Value Investing that will be given away in November.

This edition of the Festival of stocks includes fifteen entries. They are roughly grouped into four categories: stock analysis, commentary, stock investing basics, and technical analysis. This week’s submissions include the following:

Stock Analysis 

REIT Delete at StockReply
* Editor’s Choice *
A contrarian take on REITs. An impressive analysis of REIT valuations using Equity Residential as an example.
Stocks: EQR

Buying Some ANF on the Dip at Traders Insights
This trader finds value in Abercrombie and Finch.
Stocks: ANF

Coldwater Creek Moat Check at Fat Pitch Financials
Coldwater Creek has been reporting some great financial performance for the past few years, so Fat Pitch Financials decided to take a closer look at whether this clothing retailer has a sustainable competitive advantage.
Stocks: CWTR

Ebay is for Winners at InvestorTrip
The first of a four part series on eBay. Ebay is a wide moat company worth watching carefully.
Stocks: EBAY

It’s That Time of Year for Intuit at Stock Market Beat
A look at Intuit’s seasonal trading pattern. Intuit shares traded down this week after reporting earnings slightly below consensus.
Stocks: INTU

Navigating Thru a Trading Fiasco at Financial Freedom
A trader recounts why he sold Enerplus Resources after a one day drop of 14% after the Canadian government announced that it was imposing a new tax on income trusts. It might be time for me to start looking into potential value opportunities in Canadian income trusts.
Stocks: ERF


Former Homestore CEO Stuart Wolff “Coulda Been a Contender.” at 10Q Detective
* Editor’s Choice *
A story of how Homestore’s CEO, Stuart Wolff, schemed to artificially inflate revenues and wound up sentenced to prison. [This was one of the top blog stories on Value Investing News this week.]
Stocks: MOVE

Another Accusation that Canadian Market Regulators Are Out of Control at Angry In the Great White North
On the heals of the story in Canadian Business of financial regulators in Saskatchewan persecuting Brian Mallard, Terence Corcoran at the National Post writes about a similar case involving the Ontario Securities Commission, and comes to a similar conclusion.

My Thoughts on the Markets at My 1st Million At 33
A look at the housing bubble, money supply, precious metal prices, agricultural inflation, stock market, and more for the coming year in a few paragraphs.

Some Investors Carrying More Cash at Controlled Greed.com
John at Controlled Greed.com find himself in good company holding lots of cash. He reports on several other value investors holding significant cash positions.

Sometimes the Sell-Side Sucks, Other Times They’re Just Annoying at Long or Short Capital
Some pitiful headlines from sell side analysis. I even let out a chuckle after I read this one.

US Shares – “Little Book” Portfolio Update at Enough Wealth
A look at a real money portfolio based on “The Little Book that Beats the Market”. It is interesting to watch how people are applying the Magic Formula to their own investment decisions. (Be sure to scroll down to see the actual article. I thought I had a lot of ads, sheez.)
Stocks: PWEI

Stock Investing Basics

You CAN Beat the Market at Mac’s Money Blog
* Editor’s Choice *
“[D]on’t let anyone scare you into thinking that buying stocks is a bad thing or that you are going to loose all of your money.” It’s nice to hear this every once in a while, especially now that index funds are so in fashion.

Stock Investments – Achieving High Returns While Managing Risks at Worldwide Success
A basic overview of risk management for stock market investing. The article recommends mutual funds for most individual investors to manage company specific risk.
Stocks: SLASX

Technical Analysis

Spotting Reversals at Fallond Stock Picks
Technical analysis indicators for spotting a market reversal.

That concludes this week’s Festival of Stocks. Next week’s Festival of Stocks will be hosted at Value Discipline.  You can submit an entry by using this form

If you are interested in hosting a future edition of the Festival of Stocks, please visit the schedule to find a free slot. Then contact me with the name of your site, blog URL, email address, and the date your prefer to host.

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