Veteran’s Day Weekend Reading

I hope you are enjoying a long weekend like I am.  Even if you are not, I’m sure you’ll enjoy these top stories of the week from Value Investing News:

  1. Value Investing 101: An Interview with Bruce Greenwald
  2. A Miniature Berkshire Hathaway
  3. Superinvestors’ picks at Value Investing Congress
  4. Are CFO’s Men with Hammers?
  5. On Overstock’s Terrible Third Quarter
  6. Bargains Still Exist — Even In This Market
  7. Western Union Purchased by Fat Pitch Financials
  8. Leucadia: A Smart Hedge To Protect Your Stock Portfolio
  9. Schwab Chart: Builder Confidence vs. S&P 500
  10. Wallstrip on Berkshire Hathaway

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