Value Investing News Weekend Update

It’s been a very busy week at Value Investing News.  We launched Value Investing Search, a new news ticker, a syndication widget for webmasters, and announced the October Contest winners.  You can follow the latest developments at the Value Investing News Blog.  Before I forget, there will be another three copy’s of The Little Book of Value Investing given away for the November user contest.

Now that the weekend is here, you can catch up on all the best value investing news posted this week.  Here are the top storys:

  1. Capital Allocation
  2. Buffett buys J&J, Target stock
  3. A look at Tootsie Roll
  4. What would Warren Buffett Buy today?
  5. Tweedy Browne 3Q06 Shareholders’ Letter
  6. Thanks for the Anomalies
  7. Berkshire Hathaway Earnings Preview
  8. Introduction on New Investing
  9. Value Investing, and a Few Cigar Butts: Ruminations on Portfolio Management
  10. Comprehensive Sears Holdings Analysis

Once you make it through that list, be sure to review the latest news and vote on it by logging in. Enjoy your weekend!

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