Introducing Value Investing News

I would like to introduce you to Value Investing News, my latest project. Value Investing News is the next generation version of my previous project, Fat Pitch News. Value Investing News is a community driven value investing news site that will be a premiere destination for intelligent investors.

Why should you join Value Investing News?

  • Bookmark/submit valuable investment articles for later reference.
  • Vote up and down value investing news submitted by members.
  • Read top rated stories of the day, week, or month.
  • Find stories by stock ticker.
  • Search for stories.
  • Discover what stocks are getting the most attention by the value investing community.
  • Comment on submitted stories.
  • Read what the most active members are bookmarking.
  • Be rewarded for your efforts by sharing in Google Adsense revenues. (Submitters will have their ads placed on a portion of the pages they author.)
  • Syndicate the headlines to your own site.
  • Get recommended stories based on your votes!
  • Participate in discussions with other community members in the forum.
  • Browse a directory of top investment sites based on community votes (coming soon).

This is just the beginning (i.e., beta version). I hope to bring the best features of web 2.0 to the value investing community. I am working on several enhancements to the current features and I will be adding additional features as they become available and are requested.

I welcome any feedback you have on Value Investing News. I hope that you will find Value Investing News a great place to visit daily as you search for your next fat pitch investment.

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