Carnival of Business #24

Welcome to this week’s Carnival of Business. Fat Pitch Financials is proud to host this week’s edition.

Fat Pitch Financials is a value investing blog focused on identifying companies that have sustainable competitive advantages and are selling at significant discounts. Since this is a rather rare occurrence, we spend our spare time finding special situation and arbitrage opportunities (the loose change of Wall Street) in Fat Pitch Financials Contributor’s Corner. Fat Pitch Financials also recently launched the Festival of Stocks, which I encourage you to explore. Finally, Fat Pitch Financials is just about to launch Value Investing News, an investment community powered social bookmarking news site that includes the voting up and down of stories on the front page, Adsense revenue sharing, and several other features.

As you can probably already tell, I’m pretty involved in small business issues. Being savvy about business is a big part of investing, so I’m happy to be hosting this week’s Carnival of Business.  I’ve group the posts by topic and added my own take on each story.  Please enjoy the following stories in this week’s Carnival of Business:

Customer Service

We might have an unhappy candy shop owner at Mighty Bargain Hunter
This customer takes on a small candy shop’s requirement of a minimum $10 purchase for credit card purchases.


Pay Per Product – Make Your Own or Affiliatise at Blogtrepreneur
Blogtrepreneur details how you can add products and/or become an affiliate to generate another revenue stream for your site.

Startups for the rest of us at Mike Taber’s Blog
What if Paul Graham won’t fund your startup? Mike Taber has some great advice for you.

Friday Free Business Idea: Mobile Curry at
Outsourced solution to scheduling human calls back to yourself. I’m not sure I’d use this service.

Young Entrepreneur Turns Trash into Cash at Business Opportunities Weblog
A quick overview of Tray Display Advertising Inc.

How Online Millionaires Start Their Businesses at
How Digital Envoy got started.


Real Value in Realogy? at
ValueBlogger sees value in the newly created Realogy, a spin-off from Cendant.

How to calculate your return on investment at Fat Pitch Financials
Learn how to properly account for your internal rate of return (IRR) so you can make wise investment decisions. There is an Excel spreadsheet included to help you utilize the powerful XIRR function.

Top ten geek business myths at Rondam Ramblings
Learn to avoid the top ten classic mistakes that geeks make when trying to raise money for a new business.

Izze sold to Pepsi: Congratulations, neighbors! at Intuitive Systems
Pepsi bought Izze for $75 million.

HP Buys Voodoo PC at B2Day

Sales & Marketing

Five Keys to Sales Leadership at Sales Intensity
Dave at Sales Intensity shares five strategies to generate sales leadership that he learned from one of his clients.

Deals may soon be harder to find at Wal-Mart at Mighty Bargain Hunter

The Neighborhood Your Blog Is In Determines Your Potential Income at Blog Republic


The Key To Being Anti-Social – How To Deal With Diggs, Slashdot, Delicious, ect at Shoe Money
File this one under contingency planning. Learn how to deal with the success of gaining the attention of one of the major social bookmarking sites. Keep your business website from falling apart in its moment of success.

What blogging does to your business at CorpBlawg
Some thought on the impacts that corporate blogs will have on their companies.

That concludes this week’s Carnival of Business. My guess is that next week’s carnival will be much longer, since many of this week’s posts were sent to the next host by accident. If I missed your post, please feel free to include it in the comments section below.

Making Cents will be hosting the next edition of this carnival. You can learn how to submit posts and even host a future edition by visiting the Carnival of Business homepage.

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