Potential Micro Cap Wide Moat Companies – Rule #1 Big Five

Yesterday, I listed small cap companies that might have wide moats according to the Big Five Numbers detailed in Phil Town’s Rule #1 book. Today, I’m going to look at the micro cap stocks with market capitalizations less than $500 million that could potentially have wide moats according to the Big Five Numbers.

WARNING: Micro cap stock investing involves serious risk. Often the financial numbers for micro cap stocks are not reliable in stock databases, so screening results can be misleading. Micro cap stocks are often thinly traded. This can expose investors to market manipulation and it can be difficult to exit larger positions. Finally, it is also less likely that micro cap stocks exhibit sustainable competitive advantages (i.e., wide moats). With those warnings in mind, have a look at the following list of micro cap stocks that pass my Big 5 Numbers screen:

The Big Five Numbers – Micro Caps

Company Name Ticker Market Cap
Asta Funding, Inc. ASFI $438
eResearch Technology, Inc ERES $420
A.S.V., Inc. ASVI $409
MedQuist Inc. MEDQ $398
American Vanguard Corp. AVD $372
Metrologic Instruments, Inc. MTLG $371
Novamerican Steel Inc. TONS $356
American Ecology Corporation ECOL $347
Texas Pacific Land Trust TPL $345
MTC Technologies, Inc. MTCT $337
Edge Petroleum Corp. EPEX $310
Tarragon Corporation TARR $293
Medical Action Industries MDCI $258
Candela Corporation CLZR $245
Innovative Solutions & Suppor ISSC $240
PrimeEnergy Corporation PNRG $238
Computer Services, Inc. CSVI $237
Excel Maritime Carriers EXM $235
Balchem Corporation BCP $231
Cantel Medical Corp. CMN $220
Neogen Corporation NEOG $181
Panhandle Royalty Company PHX $157
CREDO Petroleum Corporation CRED $156
Catapult Communications Corpo CATT $139
Nicholas Financial Inc. NICK $128
Nobility Homes, Inc. NOBH $107
TVI Corporation TVIN $72
Mikron Infrared, Inc. MIKR $67
Tandy Leather Factory Inc. TLF $66
Canterbury Park Holding Corpo ECP $55
Memry Corporation MRY $53
Streamline Health Solutions I STRM $50
Micronetics Inc. NOIZ $44
Basic Earth Science Systems, BSIC $32
Aspen Exploration Corporation ASPN $27
Pyramid Oil Company PDO $19

I hope you found these Rule #1 Big Five Numbers screen results to be helpful. The story doesn’t end here. There is a lot of work ahead needed to research each of these stocks. If you are a fan of Rule #1 investing, I’ll be talking soon about some tools that can help you continue your research of the stocks I’ve posted this week.

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