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I’ve noticed that many investment blogs are not participating in blog carnivals. I think that with the split between business blogs (i.e., the Carnival of the Capitalists) and personal finance blogs (i.e., Carnival of Personal Finance and several others) stock investing bloggers have been kind of left out. Also, some of these other blogs have become huge monsters that take hosts hours to put together (from personal experience). Investors do not have the time to devote to putting together huge posts of many articles that will likely contain many articles that will not be of interest to them. I think that it is kind of a shame that stock investing blogs are not organizing their own carnivals, since it difficult to discover new blogs on investing. I recently discovered quite a few blogs that have been operating for several months without me noticing them thanks to James Altucher’s Blog Watch on TheStreet.com, but TheStreet.com has required a paid membership in the past to access and might require one again in the future.

I decided to remedy this situation. I’m launching the first edition of the new Festival of Stocks on Monday, September 11, 2006. The Festival of Stocks will be a blog carnival dedicated to highlighting bloggers best recent posts on stock market related topics.  This will include research and commentary on specific stocks, industry analysis, ETFs, REITs, stock derivatives, and other related topics.

If you are unfamiliar with the concept of a blog carnival, Wikipedia defines it as:

“A blog article that contains links to other articles covering a specific topic. Most blog carnivals are hosted by a rotating list of frequent contributors to the carnival, and serve to both generate new posts by contributors and highlight new bloggers posting matter in that subject area.”

That definition gets me to two important issues for the launch of the Festival of Stocks. First, I am taking submissions for next week’s Festival of Stocks that will be hosted right here at Fat Pitch Financials.  Please submit your best recent stock market related post, and I’ll include it in next week’s festival.  Please send the following:

  • Title of the post
  • URL link to the post
  • Trackback link, if you have one
  • Your name, the name of your blog
  • A quick sentence about the post (optional)

Second, I’m looking for hosts to post future editions of the Festival of Stocks on their own blogs. Hosting a carnival is a great way to attract new viewers to your site since other Festival of Stocks contributors will be linking to your festival post (hint hint). See the upcoming schedule of Festival of Stocks hosts to find a free week where you would like to volunteer to participate. The only requirements are that you have a blog, have previously contributed links to past festivals and that you agree to share the word (and link) in your Festival of Stocks post about how others can submit posts or host future editions.

The Festival of Stocks will be different from other blog carnivals in that I encourage hosts to be selective in the post links they include and to limit the number of posts included (up to the discretion of the host) to about twenty stories in order to cut down on the burden of hosting and to keep the carnivals readable and not overwhelming. I will be introducing a mechanism to help hosts rank submissions and I will also be creating an optional Excel template to help make the Festival of Stocks post easier to create. Hopefully, these features will make it easy to host and make the Festival of Stocks enjoyable to read.

If you are interested in hosting, please let me know what week you would like to host in the comments section below. Slots are filling up fast. The following top notch investing blogs have already agreed to participate in the Festival of Stocks:

The most up to date list of hosts is available at the Festival of Stocks home page. Check there for available hosting slots and links to past editions of the Festival of Stocks. I look forward to getting this Festival of Stocks off the ground.

5 thoughts on “Festival of Stocks Launch

  • September 8, 2006 at 2:16 am

    Congratulation on the launch! Looking forward to participate in this.

    By the way, I think you may not have given enough time to your first carnival. That’s only 1 week day, not including Thursday.

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