EmigrantDirect.com Account Upgrade

This weekend I finally got around to upgrading my EmigrantDirect.com account. EmigrantDirect had mailed me a ten digit access code to be used with the account upgrade after the website change over on July 24, 2006. I decided not to rush into the account upgrade since I was hearing reports from several other bloggers that the EmigrantDirect website was not accessible on July 24th and it was reacting very slowly even a few days after July 24th.

Waiting definitely paid off. My account upgrade went smoothly with no performance delays. The directions were clear and easy. The biggest change was coming up with the five security questions that accounts now need.

I really like the new site. There appear to be several new features and now it also looks like you can add more accounts to connect to the EmigrantDirect American Dream Savings Account. However, the best new feature is the new 5.15% APY savings rate. This is one of the best deals around right now for cash. The only shame is that I’ll likely be moving some of my cash out soon to be used to purchase any new fat pitch stock opportunities that present themselves.

One thought on “EmigrantDirect.com Account Upgrade

  • August 26, 2006 at 9:42 am

    5.15% is pretty good, but Countrywide has had 5.25% for a while, and the website is far better, and more reliable.

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