Free E-Book and Recommended Course on Using Portfolio123

I recently received an email from Yuval Taylor, the Product Manager at Portfolio123, with an offer for his new e-book. This book is titled, “How I Made a Million Bucks with Portfolio123” and it is free to download.

How I Made a Million Bucks with Portfolio123It is a pretty quick read at 30 pages. While I’m not really a fan of that title, I did like how Yuval stepped through his learning experience on investing and shared his general tips and designing a portfolio using the tools provided by Portfolio123. I only wish that he’d added details on setting up a basic strategy that could be built upon by readers of his book.

The good news is that he did recommend a more detailed course to learn how to develop a strategy. The course is called the Portfolio123 Virtual Strategy Design Class and it was written by Marc Gerstein. I’ve read Marc Gerstein’s articles back when he was still at Reuters back in the early 2000s. He shares tons of wisdom earned from experience and a bit of humor in his course. There is a significant amount of content in this course, so I recommend setting a side a bit of time each day for a couple of weeks to complete the course. I think it is well worth the time investment.

If you get inspired by the ebook and decide to do the Gerstein course, I highly recommend you sign up for a free trial of the Portfolio123 service. It really helps having the tools available when going through the strategy design class.

Disclosure: I receive an affiliate commission for sales resulting from clicks to the link to the Portfolio123 free trial.

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