Carnival of the Capitalists – July 10, 2006

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Site Post/Essay Category Summary Editor’s Picks
Mine Your Own Business Say Goodbye to the “Mass Market” Marketing and Sales Media is changing; broadcasting is out and “narrowcasting” is in. Mine Your Own Business discusses what this means for your business marketing strategy.
The Business of America is Business Measuring Globalization Economics There is a lot of talk about the consequences of globalization but much less on what it is and how it is defined and measured.
Online dating blog Launching a Dating Site. Essential Steps Entrepreneurship Some essentials to consider before starting an online dating site.
InsureBlog Price Controls Economics Price controls just don’t work, and when it comes to health insurance, that goes double. Here are just a few of the consequences when it’s tried. Editor's Choice
David Maister’s Passion, People and Principles The Forgiveness Index General Business David Maister has a theory that super-successful organizations have a forgiveness index that is lower than average, but still well above 0. Sounds reasonable to me.
Free Money Finance How to Answer Tricky Interview Questions Human Resources Some basic suggestions on how to handle interview questions.
MineThatData Business Review: eBay General Business Recent financial performance and a precipitous drop in its stock price indicate that eBay may be close to becoming a mature, slower-growth company.
Business & Technology Reinvention Making New Rules Marketing and Sales This Sales VP presents some new rules about sales and meetings.
Et Tu Bloge NJ Exodus? Law and Regulation This blogger explores the potential impacts of New Jersey’s sales tax increase to 7 percent.
Frugal Wisdom from Wenchypoo’s Warehouse Is Africa the Next India? The Market This commentary looks at the potential in investing in Africa.
Trader’s Narrative Running With the Bulls The Market Will the recent increase in volume mark the market bottom? I wish it was that easy.
Kicking Over My Traces Post in Haste Economics Another reminder to think before you publish something on the Internet.
Stock Market Beat Oil Inventory The Market An interesting look at the trends regarding oil inventories.
Experiments in Finance Proof you should always read a fund’s prospectus before investing The Market A look at PBW (exotic ETF) and why it’s not what its summary appears to say on Morningstar and Fidelity. Editor's Choice
The Buzz Blog Open Letter to Ben Bernanke The Market An open letter to the Fed Chief questioning the use of rate hikes to fight inflation and asking for a pause in rate hikes.
Paul’s Tips The number-one most important fact to understand if you want to get things done Economics We all have things we want done. Or more precisely, we have things about the world we wish to change, and realize we’ll to put in some effort to do so.
Trizoko: Biz Journal How to Pitch Your Super-Crazy-Sweet Ideas Economics Use the seduction of collaboration to sell your ideas.
The Scratching Post Stop Messing with My Favorite Brands! Marketing and Sales New is not always better when it comes to your favorite brands. Editor's Choice
Queercents Mind the Gap Economics In London, the Underground has signage that reminds commuters to Mind the Gap. There is another gap that figuratively represents the economic disparities among retiring baby boomers.
Direct Response Works Copy For Your Landing Page Used In B2B Lead Generation and Sales Marketing and Sales Your landing page needs to present your prospect overwhelming information necessary to feel comfortable in heeding your call to action. Editor's Choice
Bizinformer Partner with your Customers Marketing and Sales Creatively include your customers to make your product better.
Below The Beltway Corporate Espionage And Corporate Integrity Law and Regulation The recent thwarted conspiracy to steal Coca Cola trade secrets and sell them to Pepsi Co has an upside with regards to business ethics.
Cash Flow Blog Two Critical Elements Of The Collection Letter General Business The two important aspects of writing a collection letter include clarity and consequences. (As a value investor, you got to love the name of this blog.)
The Browster Blog What is an ad? Marketing and Sales As users simultaneously become publishers and each other’s viewers, the idea of an advertisement can go from something a corporation pushes, to something displayed by the trusted group or individual publisher instead.
China Law Blog China’s Golden Cities – The Private Sector Is A Good Thing General Business An early look at a World Bank study indicates that China’s growing private sector may be producing positive benefits for its cities. Editor's Choice
The Coyote Within Give Yourself Time Economics Adrian notes that in all the discussions of personal development time is rarely mentioned, yet giving yourself enough time is essential to allow learning and development to take root.
Searchlight Crusade Some Free Loan Advice About Real Estate Transactions Economics Some interesting things to keep in mind about real estate loan transactions.
Slow Leadership Controlling Competition General Business What happens when the workplace becomes more like a gladiatorial arena than a community of people with common goals?
The Entrepreneurial Mind When Selling a Business be Realistic, be Informed, and be Prepared Entrepreneurship A good basic roadmap to selling a business and things to keep in mind during the process. Editor's Choice
The Big Picture NFP: Another in a long series of disappointments Economics Employment statistics continue to be weak but that was no surprise to the author of this article. Crabs in a Bucket Economics examines how others can bring you down.
InvestorGeeks Homebuilder Industry Analysis The Market Peter at InvestorGeeks explains that the Homebuilding Industry is likely to be in for tough times ahead. Editor's Choice
Jack Yoest The Devil Wears Prada and Alan Greenspan: Nuance and Silence Economics “If you want to command and communicate. Be quiet. Be still.”
Roth & Company Tax Update Taxing You To Lure And Subsidize Your Competitors Law and Regulation Probably the most galling thing about “tax incentives” is the when you see the state subsidizing a competitor. One business is fed up.
Financial Methods Prices, Not Piracy Technology Movie studios are investigating a technique that embeds ‘subliminal’ images in movies to foil camcorders while remaining invisible to movie-goers. The larger problem is not piracy, it is pricing.
Centrerion Canadian Politics Creative Taxing Can Save the Environment Law and Regulation An economics professor weighs in on tax solutions to environmental problems. This is a topic I’m particularly interested in.
MyMoneyBlog Forming An S-Corporation To Reduce Self-Employment Taxes Entrepreneurship A discussion of the tax benefits of S-Corporations.
Sox First The unfinished business of Ken Lay’s legacy Law and Regulation With Lay dying an innocent man, at least legally speaking, and his death putting the civil claims in doubt, it’s clear there will be no closure on one of America’s biggest corporate frauds which cost 4000 jobs and billions of dollars in shareholder wealth, savings and retirement incomes.
Fire Someone Today Microsoft’s Mouth Feel Marketing and Sales It is hard enough to get people talking about your product. Don’t let your competitor’s name be easier on the tongue. (Great graphic.)
Blog Business World Marketing: When does it pay? Marketing and Sales Discussion of the importance of marketing. Still time to invest in Bulgarian off plan property The Market A discussion of recent events that are keeping Bulgaria high on the overseas property radar.
Soccer Dad Government’s entitlement Law and Regulation Are sin taxes good things? Or are they cynical attempts to exploit people’s bad habits?
My Financial Awareness Retirement Planning – A Marathon or a Sprint? Economics Should retirement planning be a sprint to retire at 55 while focusing on saving as much as you can or a marathon to retire at 65 where you are able to enjoy life along the way?
Econbrowser Questions remain about Saudi oil Economics Econbrowser asks whether Saudi Arabia might be part of the reason for new highs in the price of oil.
SportsBiz Hedge Fund Fantasy Football General Business A Portuguese hedge fund invests in soccer players hoping to profit on transfer fees earned when the player is sold to a bigger club.
The Career Intensity Blog Remove Emotion from Your Decisions Economics Three quick tips to use when your emotions can cost you money.
Aloys Hosman How to manage risk management? General Business Starting a risk management initiative does not mean you actually manage your risks. Manage enterprise risks with an integrated risk management approach.
Interested-Participant TOPS Hits Bottom in NE Ohio General Business Blaming the failure on competition, Dutch retailer Ahold announced this week that it is selling 46 TOPS supermarkets in NE Ohio.
BPWrap Google Supplemental Results – A Word To The Wise Technology Matt Cutts of Google states an obvious truth. To avoid being archived among all those Google supplemental results, get high-quality links (don’t bother to get low-quality links just for links’ sake).
Big Picture, Small Office The Tipping Point General Business Cheap is as cheap does. It seems that the Small Office shows its true measure whenever it comes time to leave the tip. Then everyone seems to find a reason to be the first one to leave.
The Boring Made Dull Some Thoughts on the Cost of College Economics A rant on the cost of “liberal arts” education.
The Liberty Papers Government Regulation And The Housing Market Law and Regulation How government regulations are encouraging the construction of large expensive homes.

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  • July 10, 2006 at 10:40 am

    Well done in bringing order to such a wealth of posts. Clearly the blogosphere doesn’t take a summer vacation.

  • July 10, 2006 at 11:03 am

    Wow! That was a fantastic way to do a Carnival. When I do Carnival of the Cats in a few weeks, I think I’ll borrow this format.

  • July 10, 2006 at 11:47 am

    Nice job! I think I like the template more each time I see it.

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    I really like the “table” format. It’s surprisingly helpful!

    Great job…thanx for hosting this week!

  • July 10, 2006 at 2:17 pm

    Wow. Very, very nice format. It took me forever to come up with and layout the Carnival of Investing this week. Nice to have such standardization! Thanks for picking my entry, too.

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    Thank you for including my post.

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