New Look and Features at Value Investing News

Exciting new changes were just launched for Value Investing News. I switched the site over to a new content management system and the site is now delivered from a fast, global content delivery network. I’ve also added some additional news sources to keep you supplied with content to read throughout the day.

What does this mean for you?

If you are a registered member of Value Investing News, you will need to re-register. If you never became a member, this is you chance to finally sign up to become a member (it’s free). Members get to comment on stories, rate content, save articles, and they can subscribe to the newsletter and customize how frequently the newsletter digest is sent out (daily, weekly or monthly). The “Register” link is in top right menu. You can either register with your email address or via Twitter, Google or Facebook. If you currently get the Value Investing News email newsletter via Feedburner, you might want to unsubscribe to that and instead subscribe to the new newsletter or just register to become a full member. See the image below for a preview of the news site and the location of the top right navigation menu.

Value Investing News site

What are the new features?

The new features of Value Investing News include the following:

  • Up/down voting similar to Reddit
  • Comments are back!
  • High quality value investing content
  • Modern responsive design that is mobile friendly
  • Super fast site loading speed
  • Secure https connections

New advertising opportunities!

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