Fat Pitch Financials Feed Enhancements

Since I moved the RSS feed for Fat Pitch Financials to http://feeds.feedburner.com/FatPitchFinancials, I have been able to add several new enhancements. The first major improvement has been to provide the full text of my articles in the feed.

To support this, I added advertisements to the feed. First, I tried targeted links to Amazon book recommendations. Today, you’ll notice that I’m now using targeted ads related to the topic of each article. The ads are provided by Overture and powered by FeedBurner. I’m pretty excited to be using this new service provided by these two companies.

But that is not all, I’m also including a daily list of interesting links that I have bookmarked using Furl. Furl.net is a great online tool for keeping and organizing bookmarks, and I highly recommend it. You can check out my Furl archive, and you can keep up with my daily research links by subscribing to the Fat Pitch Financials feed.

Finally, I also added in some terms regarding how my articles can be shared using the flexible Creative Commons copyright terms. You can now copy and distribute articles from Fat Pitch Financials as long as you give me credit! To make linking to my feed content even easier, you can add the following graphic to your webpages:

Fat Pitch Financials

If you need help getting the code, just send me an email.

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