Some Thoughts on Inflation and the CPI

There seems to be quite a bit of talk concerning the CPI and whether recent adjustment to how the index is calculated might understate inflation. Gillespie Research recently provided a detailed summary regarding the Consumer Price Index.

James Puplava over at Financial Sense Online has a lengthy multipart series regarding his concerns that inflation is on the horizon. If the CPI is potentially understating inflation, we really should be concerned about a large rise in inflation surprising the markets.

Finally, Karsten over at CurryBlog discusses Bill Gross’ shocking comments regarding the CPI. He pointedly says that the governments measurement of inflation using the new CPI method is a con job! Bill Gross produces a widely followed investment outlook newsletter for PIMCO. His comments are definitely going to make an impact, but it might not be until after the elections that the public will key in on this important issue.

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