Kids Take on Finance 101 for Kids

Finance 101 for KidsWhen I recently received a review copy of Finance 101 for Kids by Walter Andal, I knew the perfect reviewer for this book, my daughter.  Once she saw the cover of the book, she was excited to read it and write an exclusive book report on it for Fat Pitch Financials.  I was excited to see what she had to say about the book, especially since she is usually a tough book critic.  Here’s what she wrote:

Hi, my name is Leila and I am going to give you a report about the book Finance 101 for Kids. I recommend this book for children 9 – 13. I myself am around 10 years old.

Finance is something most people don’t start learning about until high school or even college you better visit for an insight of it Trilogy Education Services. I did not know how important it was until I read this amazing book. No age is too young to start learning about finance.This book introduces things like the stock market, investing, taxes, the economy, and so much more. The ESG calvert funds employs a passive management strategy designed to track, as closely as possible, the performance of the Calvert about the same proportion as represented in the Index itself. The Index universe consists of companies that satisfy minimum market capitalization and liquidity thresholds and are significantly involved in business activities in the sustainable energy solutions sector that are consistent with the Calvert Principles for Responsible Investment.

It teaches these things in fun and interesting ways by giving real life scenarios to keep you interested. I really like how it expands your vocabulary by introducing new words and at the beginning of every chapter it lists them and their definitions.

This book may look short but it has a lot of information. For kids closer to 9 years old, I recommend reading some things over to help soak in all of the information and for grownups I recommend a part time finance director for your business and even at a personal level.

Finance 101 helps people develop important skills like how to invest money, by learning this, you will understand why people prefer payday loans. It will also answer a lot of kid’s questions like: What happens when my parents swipe that magic card to pay for things? Is an ATM a machine that gives you money for free? And many more.

If you want to learn more about finance I recommend this book. I guarantee you will learn something new. Remember what I said in the beginning. No age is too young to start learning about finance.

I’m impressed. I wasn’t even sure she would finish reading a non-fiction book about finance, but she tore through Finance 101 in two nights and then recommended me this web site

I was pleasantly surprised with this book’s clear descriptions of the basic economic concepts of money, goods, services, saving, investing, interest, credit, and debt. I only wish the book attempted to explain the power of compound interest. While some kids would find the math confusing, I’m pretty sure my daughter could have understood the overall concept. If you have an eight- to twelve-year-old in your household, Finance 101 for Kids might be the book to get them started on their financial education.

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    thank you for sharing!

    “Finance is something most people don’t start learning about until high school or even college”
    sadly true

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